Global News

HNSEA Into Working Towards an International Network of Home-Based Workers.

On May 21 – 22 a historic meeting took place in Stockholm, Sweden. At that meeting representatives of home-based workers from different parts of the world agreed to work towards the formation of an international network of home-based workers. They agreed to an extensive consultative process to ensure  that home-based workers and through their membership-based organizations fully participate in making decisions about the proposed network.

The meeting was attended by representatives from HomeNet South Asia, HomeNet South East Asia, HomeNet Eastern Europe and Central Asia, the Latin American , Coordinadora Regional de Organizaciones de Trabajadoras/res en Domicilio en America Latina el Caribe, and from Africa the Kenyan Federation for Alternative Trade (KEFAT). WIEGO provided support and facilitated the meeting. An interim international working group with one representative from each region, has been set-up to sterr the process over a two-year period, culminating in a global conference

SOaround mid 2020.

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