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HNSEA Reps Attend WIEGO General Assembly 2018.

SuntareeSaeng-ging, HNSEA Regional Coordinator, PrimarJardeleza of Homenet Philippines, Lamphan of Homenet Laos, PoonsapTulaphan and Monsup of Homenet Thailand were among the over 130 participants from 41 countries who came together for the WIEGO Network’s 7th General Assembly on the theme Organizing for Change.Held in Johannesburg, South Africa from Nov. 12-14, the event gathered leaders, activists, researchers and policymakers focusing on the informal economy to celebrate past achievements and chart the course ahead.

Every four years, WIEGO’s General Assembly convenes individual and institutional members. These global experts on the informal economy – including researchers, statisticians, and informal worker leaders representing over 25 associations, cooperatives and unions – shared knowledge and generated new ideas.

The membership also reviewed WIEGO’s progress, plans, and budget; approved candidates forthe new Board; and endorsed the election of representatives to a Nominations Committee. And they suggested ways that we could better support their efforts on the ground with new research and focused action.The keynote address was delivered by WIEGO Senior Advisor Marty Chen, who led WIEGO for its first two decades. Marty talked about the progress made by informal workers in creating a more just world over the past 20 years, about the significant challenges that remain, and about her optimism for the future.

During her speech, Marty also recognized the incredible achievements of international, regional,national and local organizations of informal workers around the globe in securing livelihoods andimproving conditions for workers.

The WIEGO General Assembly also supported plans of forming an international network of homebased workers.

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