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Homenet Indonesia Founded in 2005, previously named MWPRI (Partner for Indonesian Women Homeworkers) then changed to Homenet Indonesia. Homenet Indonesia which has members consisting of Homeworkers, non-Government Institutions, individuals who have concern for the issues and problems of homeworkers who are dominated by women as homeworkers. Homenet Indonesia is here as a platform for cross-sector collaboration to carry out the struggle for better conditions for homeworkers. In order to achieve a wider impact on homeworkers in Indonesia.

The main objective of Homenet Indonesia is to reach homeworkers as well as carry out advocacy activities for protection for homeworkers and recognition of homeworkers as workers and promote business opportunities in providing access to economic enterprises to improve homeworkers’ livelihoods.

Homenet Indonesia as a fighting organization whose members are the Indonesian Homeworker Network in East Java, Homeworkers in Central Java, Homeworkers from the special region of Jogjakarta, DKI Jakarta, Banten, West Java, Medan, Non-Governmental Organizations (YPSI, BITRA, TURC, MWPRI, Partners swadarma, JPPRI, Yasanti, and Universities in Malang) collectively fight for improving the welfare of homeworkers and reducing the gap between Formal and Informal workers.

Homenet Indonesia with its struggle has a Vision: creating positive and sustainable changes that are just and fair in order to realize recognition, improve decent living and working conditions, and social protection for homeworkers In realizing this vision, Homenet Indonesia has a mission:

  1. Carry out independent organizing, democratic, inclusive, gender sensitive and sustainable.
  2. Expand regional, national and international networks as an effort to strengthen homeworker organizations in fighting for homeworker issues.
  3. Enhance economic resilience through capacity building and skills of homeworkers.
  4. Promote the recognition and involvement of homeworkers on the Government’s agenda at various levels to realize policies for homeworkers.

Homenet Indonesia’s strategies and activities are carried out with members throughout Indonesia to achieve objectives including organizing homeworkers, economic empowerment by developing productive businesses by homeworkers in groups and individually, and capacity building both in terms of productive business skills, lobbying and advocacy capacity. Lobbying and advocating for government policies at both the national and regional levels, lobbying for access to government programs, social security, social protection and capacity building in lobbying to employers, using a persuasive and gender-based approach.


1. Product Name:

Ring bag, handmade Batik, Embroidery Malangan negligee, Seat Cushions, Tissue Boxes and Masks, Synthetic Rattan Bag, Synthetic Rattan Basket, Bamboo Lampshade, Tye-dye dress, Knit Bag. Knit Shoes, Cloth bags, Hand Phone Bags, Jumputan batik, Leather Puppet , Knitted bags and warm Clothes, Birthday cakes, pastries and wet cakes

2. Stories about the product an producer

  • Ring bag is made from waste plastic cups, plus accessories, so it becomes a bag frame, puring which is the inside of the bag and then given a handle, so it becomes a beautiful bag, you can used for formal events and parties. Ring bags made by homeworkers in Malang, East Java
  • Batik is Original Indonesia Produk and special produk in our country . Batik divide into two of type, Print batik and handmade batik and this one is handmade batik. Batik Tulis or Handmade was made by groups of homeworkers in Malang Regency and Malang City using mori cloth or white cotton and dyes by means of their small canting to color the material that had been drawn. Batik in Indonesia is an official dress so every official event is required to wear batiks. Batik can be made into shirts and can be made into dresses.
  • Embroidery Malangan product is the work of women homeworkers in Malang, East Java with the characteristic that there is embroidery on each product, when there are events and product exhibitions, we homeworkers are included in these activities to market our products.
  • Bamboo Lampshade is made of bamboo which is done by homeworkers in the Cirebon – West Java area. Bamboo lamp brackets are used as electric lamp brackets that can be hung above the ceiling with varying heights sizes and various models.
  • Synthetic rattan baskets are made from synthetic rattan raw materials which have various uses, such as fruit baskets, tissue boxes and drinking glasses, dirty clothes baskets, storage boxes and so on.
  • Synthetic Rattan Bags are made from synthetic rattan raw materials with various bag sizes and with various models.Bamboo Lampshade products, synthetic rattan baskets and synthetic rattan bags made by a group of homeworkers from the Cirebon area of West Java.
  • Knitted shoes use the basic ingredients of rubber shoes which are covered with knitted Nylon threads.
  • Knitted bags use nylon thread, cotton thread and woolen thread using puring and zippers.
  • Cloth bags and cell phone bags use baby canvas or painting canvas material because baby canvas and painting canvas is soft and flexible but still wears a lot. Baby canvas and painting canvas is widely used to make bags.
  • Clothes with accessories are clothes that are equipped with pearl-like grains, suitable for receptions and weddings.
  • Jumputan batik from Jogjakarta is made by pinching certain parts of the cloth and then producing certain motifs from dyes, by tightly tying certain parts and then dipping them in a dye solution.
  • The raw material for wayang is made from animal skins which are dried and then carved to make wayang. How to make puppets carved using inlay. Wayang is one of the traditional arts in Indonesia which tells about the history of human civilization through the image of a kingdom. In making wayang not only in large form but also in small size to be used as bookmarks or key chains, etc. One group of homeworkers in Bantul Jogjakarta has a wayang making business, in which wayang work is done together with the female homeworkers and the male homeworkers.
  • Knitted bags made of wool yarn, can also be used for warm clothes, this product is made by homeworkers in Tangerang Banten.
  • Birthday cakes, snack and cakes produced by homeworkers from Banten, are needed for birthdays, celebrations, parties and celebrations of Idel Fitr and other moments. With nutritious ingredients and delicious taste.Besides that, the production of traditional Indonesian cakes




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