Our Activities


HOMENET SEA once again gets SIDA support from September 2020 to August 2021.  Policy advocacy on social protection and strengthening the  organizing and expansion work of Homenet in the different countries in Southeast Asia are the main thrusts of Homenet Southeast Asia from September 2020 to August 2021, based on an online planning session held in August.  

An Assembly will be held  to craft the  HNSEA sustainability plan, discuss strategies, and elect the  Executive Committee members. HNSEA at bothregional and country levels  will  participate in the  ASEAN People’s Forum and Homenet International Congress  early next year.  Homenet SEA will also serve in the technical working group   of the AMRC Social Protection Advocacy Training Kit which will include a video production for its introduction. This will be rolled down on the country level with the training of homebased workers leaders.   

Country level programs will  include strengthening of the national networks, advocacy for policies that respond to the impact of COVID-19, and campaign activities on social protection through the website, FB pages, and other platforms.

Bi-annual publication of Homenet SEA newsletter will be done in the Philippines.  The website and social media will be used as vehicles for Homenet’s advocacy campaign.

These activities comprise  commitments under year three of the SIDA-supported project on strengthening home-based workers networks in the region.