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HNSEA to Pilot-Test Social Protection Advocacy Tool kit

What is advocacy?  Why is it important in initiating positive change?  How can workers’ organizations advocate for social protection effectively?  What strategies can they use? How can  they best  create, implement, monitor and evaluate an advocacy plan?  Why is it crucial for them to consider gender, class, age, ethnicity, and other differentiating factors in doing advocacy?

These are some of the questions that are taken up in a social protection advocacy tool kit being finalized by the Asia Research and Monitoring Center (AMRC)  based on  the results of  a participatory research workshop it convened in June 2019 in Bangkok. 

Suntaree Saengging of Homenet Southeast Asia and Rosalinda Pineda Ofreneo of Homenet Philippines attended the said workshop and were requested to join a small Technical Working Group to help ensure that the tool kit can be of maximum use for its intended audience among organized workers, particularly those in the informal economy.

The tool kit will be pilot tested in the social protection advocacy workshop that Homenet Southeast Asia will conduct in the first quarter of 2021.