HomeNet Thailand calls for the special measures for informal economy workers and low-income earners to lessen the impacts of the COVID 19

💰Financial and Tax 

  • Adjust conditions of loan for SMEs and self-employed, e.g. street vendors, motorcycled taxi and taxi drivers. For example, reduce the interest rate for one million-bath loan to 2% and 1% for the group’s loan.
  • Break period for Loan repayment with reduced interest and extended repayment period for small entrepreneurs who took the credit from the commercial bank and government financial institutions.
  • To negotiate with the private financial institutions on the terms and conditions of the loans.
  • To reduce the value added tax (VAT) by 1%
  • Reduce fee of the pawnshop.
  • Reduce school expenditures besides the school fees, e.g. extra curriculum fee, computer’s 

Employment Measures 

  • Allocate 30% quota of public procurement for small entrepreneurs, e.g. production of bags for seminars, souvenirs, facial masks, etc. Including other services like food catering, gardening, and trimming the trees.

  •  Measure to promote local products e.g. traditional costume 3 times weekly, food products, etc. – Public space to be allocated for self-employed; e.g. street vendors and motor cycled taxis, etc.
  • Discount Coupon for the purchase of cooking gas and petrol gas and oil. – Free public bus and train for all people. 

🚑Health Measure and others: 

  • Free supply of PPE for self- employed working in public; e.g. street vendors, motorcycle taxis, taxi drivers, etc.  

HomeNet Thailand calls for measures related to the members of social security scheme:  

  • Reduction of contribution to the social security scheme for insurers under the Articles 39 and 40
  • Loan scheme for the insurers of Article 39 and 40 similar to the Article 33
  • Provision for the income compensation for those insurers under Article 39 and 40 who are affected by the COVID 19