Beijing Plus 25  National Women’s Summit:  “Remembering What Was, Examining What Is, and Forging Ahead”

Leaders of Homenet Philippines and its network affiliates participated actively as organizers, plenary and panel presenters, and product exhibitors  in the Philippines 5th National Women’s Summit   held  March 5- 6, 2020 in Miriam College, Quezon City.

The summit  was convened by the Women and Gender Institute (WAGI)  of Miriam College in cooperation with the  Center for Women’s and Gender Studies of the University of the Philippines (UPCWGS)  and the Women’s and Gender Studies Association of the Philippines. (WSAP) to celebrate 25 years of the Beijing Platform for Action (BPfA). The Summit brought together some  150 women from different generations for an inter-generational and intersectional dialogue.  Participants came from a broad range of sectors – peasant, formal labor, workers in the informal economy, indigenous people, Muslim women, academe, media, government –  from across the Philippines for critical conversations about what women  have achieved through their  feminist movements, what they  continue to stand for, and where they  want to go.

The plenary and parallel sessions unpacked the issues that affect women most, problematized  strategies for change, and critically sharpened the  ways forward