Latest on the washable cloth face mask is that everyone is now being encouraged to wear it, especially when going out to shop or to perform essential services. It turns out that many covid 19 carriers (about 30 percent) have no symptoms. You may be a carrier so the face mask at least helps to stop droplets from escaping your nose and mouth and infecting others. It does not give absolute protection that N95 masks may provide, but the latter should be reserved for health care workers who need them most. The cloth face mask is also washable and reusable, thus they are more economical and safer.

HomenetProducers Cooperative has been producing washable cloth face masks since early March. We sell them on a buy one, give one basis for PHP 50. We have received donations which enabled us to distribute face masks to frontliners and other vulnerable groups who cannot afford them.

Now we are again knocking on your kind hearts tohelp PATAMABA and other HBWs numbering more than 500 in Angono and other parts of Rizal. They are in need of face masks and disinfectants (soap, clorox, detergent, alcohol, hand sanitizers. Food rations are also woefully inadequate so donations to augment these are most welcome.